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Freelance Marketing Communications,
Business Writing, eBooks, White Papers,
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Resume Writing, Updates, Critiques

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Freelance Publication Design, Layouts, eBook Covers,
Website Banners, Custom Background Artwork,
Brochures,Newsletters, Media Kits,
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Experience . . .

. . .  my passion for publication design, excellent eye for layout, and exceptional
copywriting skills. I’ll get to know your needs, manage your project time wisely,
keep you in the loop, and add value to your vision.

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Freelance Copywriting, Marcom Writing, and
Content Management Services

Keyboard IconAs a freelance copywriter and freelance editor, I’ll write articles for you on the general topic areas you request, but specialize in content and document management and copywriting on business marketing communications and business leadership and management topics. As a freelance marcom writer, I can write your press releases, email drip campaigns, direct mail sales letters, white papers, and downloadable ebooks, all of which will complement, build and support your brand identity and will include strong calls to action.

With new search engine optimization metrics in place and constantly changing, content management has become a key strategy for getting your site discovered on the Web. As a freelance copywriter and content management strategist, I can review the content on your site and help you enhance and clarify the information you’re presenting to the people who visit your website – your potential new clients and customers. High quality content will help you in developing and marketing your brand and establishing you as a thought leader in your industry. If you’d like to see some samples of my writing, you’ll find a partial list of my published articles here. I also have a continuously expanding library of ghostwritten articles and ebook content on business leadership, management, and communication topics across the spectrum.

Freelance Custom Graphic Design Services

Tablet IconI also offer you freelance custom graphic design services, specializing in print publications such as brochures, business cards, postcards, and ebook content layout and ebook cover designs, and website graphics, including site banners and graphic background artwork. Please take a moment to view my freelance graphic design portfolio here.

Speaking of websites, I believe in content management systems for website design and use WordPress as my platform of choice. My process is to analyze your current or planned site material, formulate an effective and logical layout of the content with easy navigation, and determine the best way to present your information. Find out more about my web design process here and take a look at my freelance web design portfolio.

I love typography and working with color and texture, whether subtle or bold, conservative or skimming the edge of the edge! If you have a strong and established brand, I will support it and help you enhance it. If you don’t have a voice yet, we’ll work together and I’ll help you find it. If you want to do something new, I’ll present you with some cool fresh perspectives you can embrace. My goal is always to present such compelling options that you are challenged to choose just one.

I enjoy the dual challenge of combining words with design to create visual information systems that work for you. I look forward to fulfilling your design and writing needs and being a contributor to the success of your business! Talk with you soon!