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I have been the professional writing voice behind CEO’s and business managers – federal, private, non-profit – people of authority and experience – for more than 25 years. I will continue to do that … so reach out to me when you need a writer who listens well and can speak through written words and imagery in your voice.

But I am also turning my attention to those of you who want to learn the craft of writing and build your own writing career. I have embarked upon a new journey to help you aspiring writers get started.

Did you know that 80% of people believe they have a novel or book of some kind inside of them and wish they could write it ? … But most won’t do it. Because most don’t how to begin. Are you among that 80%?

Find help here. The Masterful Writer Series covers professional writing topics – things you need to know to work toward mastering the craft of writing. The Purpose Chronicles Series is about finding your calling – discovering your purpose and voice in this world and allowing your destiny to unfold.

Build Your Professional Writing Voice

Announcing the latest release in The Masterful Writer Series: Masterful Brand Positioning – Offering 21 visual communication strategies to Differentiate Your Brand and Dominate Your Niche!

Masterful Brand Positioning Book Cover - Professional Writing Voice


There will be more to come – two more books in the Purpose Chronicles Series. And the Masterful Writer Series? That one will go on until I run out of topics or time. You will find them HERE ON AMAZON:

Masterful Writer Series and Purpose Chronicles Series Book Covers

Get inspired! Start writing!

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