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Typography is fascinating. Heart Icon  - Love for Visual CommunicationHave you ever considered the beauty of letterforms? We take for granted the little symbols that come together to form words and allow us to comprehend meaning.

Notice how one typeface (font) just seems “right” for a certain piece while another has the wrong “personality.” (Yes, typefaces have personalities!) Notice how words on a page successfully illustrate a message or convey a concept and marvel at the process by which that takes place. Then add in the excitement of lines, dimensional forms, color, and imagery. Layout! Now that’s COOL. Very cool. Sometimes I wish I’d discovered the field of graphic design at a much earlier age.

But things that are meant to be have a way of working themselves out. Today, with my background in psychology, my understanding of people, of how the mind works, and the process by which we learn and interpret information, and my “way with words,” I am a much better visual communicator now than I would have been then.

I’ve learned that an eye for layout is great, the ability to combine colors and textures, to choose just the right typeface–all essential. But real design skill requires a sense for interpreting human emotion. The ability to understand what you are trying to say. To understand what you’re thinking. To discern what lies between the lines. Hearing not only what you said, but what you meant. Then capturing your message and conveying it so that your target audience can hear it, see it, feel it too. Successful brand and marketing design is a multi-sensory experience.

I get that. It’s why I’m good at what I do. It’s why you’ll be thrilled when I go the extra mile on your project.

It’s all about quality. Value.

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So let’s talk about your next project. What do you need? What do you want to say to the world? I’m a good listener. A better analyzer. I can help you express your vision or even bring a new and fresh perspective to your message. My goal is always to exceed your expectations and never miss your deadlines.

Roz Swartz Williams - Visual Communication Consultant

Roz Swartz Williams – Writerr | Designer | Jewelry Artisan

“Graphic design is the fertile playing field where the things I love most about writing and art come together.”

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