Finding Genius: Lie Down and Look at the Sky

Lost by Lua Ahmed (Flicker Creative Commons)

Lost by Lua Ahmed (Flicker Creative Commons)

Sometimes, you just have to stop. Slow down.

Take a breather.


In this world, we are so bombarded with stimuli, both external and internal.

On the outside there are marquees and billboards and banners and signage, beeps and pings and myriad other alerts of the electronic kind. There are colors and facial expressions and message t-shirts and voices vying for attention. There are television screens with even more voices and the volume turned up to capture our thoughts and tell us what our opinions should be.

Then there are the inner stimuli. The voices inside that say keep going and keep climbing and the ones that question our motives and the ones that doubt our capabilities. The ones that have dreams. The fear and trepidation in our hearts that makes us afraid to step out of our comfort zones and be the change. The impetus in our souls that pushes us forward, excited to rush headlong into unknown territory.


Sometimes we need to put it all aside. Just for a little while.


We need to lie down and look at the sky. We take the sky for granted.

We take God for granted.


We need to stop and rest. Be quiet.

Because when we’re quiet, the genius in us can speak.


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