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The best advice I can give you, if you want to know how to become a masterful writer, is to write every day. Study, yes. Learn, always. Read, voraciously. But write. Every day.

Writing is a craft. Just like playing an instrument or working in an art form, writing takes disciplined application and practice. It’s a totally hands-on endeavor.  A full-on commitment of pen to paper, fingers to keyboard, stylus to keypad. However you have to do it. No excuses.

You must still write. Every day.

I remember procrastinating about my writing once. Feeling uninspired to get started. Feeling pinned down and trapped beneath the dreaded “writer’s block.”

I’ve since come to believe there’s no such thing as writer’s block.

I was watching a movie about Gabriela Brimmer, a writer who had cerebral palsy. Born in 1947 Mexico, she began her writing as a teen, years before word processing software, using a typewriter. She didn’t have the use of her arms and hands – she could only strike the typewriter keys with the toe of one foot. Imagine the sheer strength of will and determination you would have to muster up to write your entire novel with one toe, one letter of one word at a time. But she did it. She finished it. And then went on to write more.

I learned an incredibly valuable lesson from watching her story. I learned that there are no excuses. There are only excuses if you’re not serious.

If you really want to write and become masterful at the craft, you just have to do it. Shut out the distractions and sit yourself down … and write.

What is holding you back from writing? Share your thoughts.

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