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Build Your Social Media Presence!

If you want to build your credibility as a thought leader in your industry and build a following for your product or service, you must be visible in online social networking communities!

Keeping up with all of the social media networks can certainly be a daunting task. Each network is different – different technical requirements, different format requirements, different best times to broadcast, different media! Without a way to organize your outreach efforts, you can quickly bog down and fall behind. A regular and continuous presence on social networks with valuable input is most effective for building a community of followers!

I developed this calendar because it’s a product I need and I thought it would be useful to you as well!

It’s a perpetual calendar – once you have built the first year, you can repeat the same format and topics the following year or edit as desired. Simply save the old file with a new name, revisit and revise the posts from the preceding year, and add new information and social networks as necessary. This one is built for you in software that will certainly be around for a while – Microsoft Excel! And you can also import this file into DropBox or Google Sheets to create a cloud-based, multi-user calendar!

There are many free and paid apps out there to build a calendar but there’s nothing like a great Excel sheet that you can quickly and easily modify and update to suit your specific needs. This one is divided into separate sheets by month. All you have to do is fill in the cells! The best time to get organized was three months ago! The next best time is to … 

Start right now! It’s only $5.00!


Master Your Social Media Outreach with this Editorial Calendar!

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