Art Jewelry Palette – Copper Neckpiece – Numbers 1-7

I have been a jewelry artisan for about 17 years and have found copper to be the most amazingly versatile and beautiful metal of all. Some people go for shiny bling, but I like texture and rich earthy tones, with maybe just a hint of glitz. My pieces are subtle in color and texture yet simultaneously make bold statements. You can see more of my work on my art jewelry site – Nonpareil, Ltd.

Designing jewelry is, for me, like designing a brochure or writing an article. They are all exercises in problem solving. Writing, graphic design, and art jewelry construction, and even web design, all require a game plan – a purpose, a layout, some raw materials, some foundational elements, a little embellishment, and a statement well made.

I switch all the time between writing and graphic design and work on art jewelry pieces. Each day presents a new set of creative challenges. Hard to imagine living any other way.

This is a freeform piece I created that incorporates wire sculpting, engraving, and hammering techniques. The earth tones of the copper and quiet sparkle of the goldstone offer up infinite palettes of subtle gradations. Enjoy!


~  @RozSW on Twitter!

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