Perennial Garden Palette: Lilies – Numbers 1-7

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  • Lilies Palette Number 7 of 7

I love gardens. And exotic flowers. They are artistic masterpieces of God’s creation. Gardens are a metaphor for life, with many lessons to teach. In fact, I’m using a garden metaphor for a self-help book I’m writing. If you don’t stop and behold the beauty of a garden, you miss out on a momentary blessing.

I love the color orange and I’m growing an all-orange perennial garden in my front yard. Well … not a yard, actually. I live in a townhouse condo but a few of us around here have taken it upon ourselves to beautify the space leading up to our doors. I planted these lilies here on Lot #21 about three years ago and every summer, they multiply and arise anew and inspire me with their beauty as I come and go.

When I’m stuck on building a design concept or have written myself into a corner, I go out there and look at my lilies for a while. Get lost in the intricate details. Dig in the dirt a little bit and extract a few dandelions. Next thing you know, my mojo is back.

You have to do that sometimes to solve a design problem or establish a perspective. Walk away from it for a little while and then come back to it fresh. Feel free to share your suggestions:  What works for you when you feel creatively blocked?

This gallery presents the first in a series of color studies I will be doing using my own photos and inspiration I find in creation. I hope you enjoy my Lilies palettes!


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