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The Mourning Chronicles


Do you feel … lost? Confused about your life? Are you trying to figure out where you’re going?

The Mourning Chronicles was written to share with you a series of life lessons I learned when a dove took up residence in my flower box.

Watching the nest everyday gave me a sense of calm and reminded me of the beauty of nature, beauty we so often take for granted when we are coming and going, our faces glued to our smart device screens or sprinting toward the next goal. I wrote this book to give you pause … to offer you perhaps a much needed moment to reflect on your life and what you’re doing … and why. This is the first of a series of four books I have planned to help you embark on a journey of self-discovery …

Are you fulfilling your purpose? Do you even know what your purpose is?

Allow this book to help you stop and discover the good you can bring to the world.

You’re here for a reason. Find it.


Photo Credit: Dove 1 by Roz Swartz Williams

One day a dove appeared on my front porch … and it changed my whole perspective.


Enjoy The Mourning Chronicles and share it with someone you know who is searching … Lots of subjective questions with answers that are not right or wrong, but individual and personal to you. Great for self-examination as well as group discussion. And there will be more to come. A series of four volumes that will take you through the process of learning who you are and finding the gift you bring to the world. Volume 2 – coming soon!


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A small gallery from my dove photos:

  • The Mourning Chronicles - A Dove Appears
  • The Mourning Chronicles - Nest Watch
  • The Mourning Chronicles - Dove Pair Trading Vigil
  • Photo Credit: Two Mourning Doves in the Nest by Roz Swartz Williams
  • Photo Credit: Nuzzling Mournng Doves by Roz Swartz Williams
  • Photo Credit: Mourning By Morninig Sun by Roz Swartz Williams
  • The Mourning Chronicles - Baby Mourning Doves
  • The Mourning Chronicles - Doves on Porch Rail


Here is a video of the young doves testing their wings:


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