Is Good Enough … Good Enough?

Photo of Broken Bridge

“Broken Bridge,” Photo Credit: Dustin Moore

When a job is first begun,
Never stop until it’s done.
Be the labor great or small,
Do it well … or not at all.

Those words from my mom have stuck with me all my life. They’re kind of a mantra that comes to remind me to always do my best work, go the extra mile, to never be satisfied with mediocre or good enough to get by.

In today’s vernacular, that translates to:  Go big or go home!

Stuffed Animals

“Stuffy Portraiture,” Photo Credit: John Morgan

I am so disappointed when I hear of structures crashing down and injuring people because substandard materials were used …  children getting sick because someone decided to cut corners on a pharmaceutical formula … or use lead-based paint and toxic stuffing in their toys … mass mechanical recalls … well-traveled bridges hanging on a thread and a some hope …

What has happened to standards of quality in the workplace? In this instant gratification, want-it-all-gotta-have-it-now world we live in, has a job well done become … old-fashioned? Are we really ok with good enough and willing to just buy another cheap one when the quick shelf life of the last one expires?

Well … sorry, I just gotta keep it old school in this regard.

When you hire me for writing or design services,–and I’m sure that I speak for many professionals when I say this—I  am all about giving you an artisan quality product that is well researched and carefully crafted. I listen closely to what you have to say about your product or service, your hopes and dreams and plans for your business, be that business great or small, and I strive to capture your vision. I’m a psychologist by nature and pretty good at deciphering visual and verbal clues to see inside people’s heads—and even when I can’t actually see you … somehow … I still can.  I’m pretty good at achieving balance and harmony in my layouts and designs—even when they are asymmetrical or avant-garde in presentation. I won’t take on a job if I can’t deliver it well.

What I am NOT about is undercutting the value of professional design with “pieced-together” work, good enough and assembled in a hurry … so you may pay a little more for my services, but you will reap the benefits of solid planning, careful time management, and impeccable execution.

In other words, a job done well … or not at all.


~  @RozSW on Twitter!

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