Following are some writing samples, design project examples, and article topics covered. I have established a track record for crafting written work that needs little to no editing upon first submission. Many of my pieces go straight through to publication. I do careful and thorough research and strive to make each project surpass its predecessor in quality.









The majority of my career writing has been ghost-written/non-credited/in-house and proprietary materials. Work completed for private industry firms, federal agencies, and defense contractors. Following are some of many writing topics I have covered for select clients.

Wrote 800 – 2000 word published articles for a Customer Relationship Management agency:

  • The importance of storytelling for closing sales.
  • How to give constructive feedback to employees.
  • Organization tips for getting work done efficiently.
  • Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for marketers.
  • Reasons businesses fail and how to avoid them.
  • Avoiding common sales presentation mistakes.
  • How not to impede employee productivity.
  • The best times for contacting prospects and closing sales successfully.
  • How to stay stress-free when hosting a business conference.
  • How to boost productivity for small businesses.
  • Inbound marketing strategies for increasing business blog traffic.
  • How to build a motivating environment and create winners at closing sales.

Wrote 600 – 1200 word published articles and sourced royalty-free graphics for an Events Management and Promotional Products agency:

  • Using video to add excitement and engagement to event marketing.
  • How to easily implement a mobile marketing plan.
  • Using apps to enhance the event experience for participants.
  • Tips for saving money on audio-visual expenses.
  • Tips for engaging B2B and B2C clientele.
  • Using Pinterest marketing as a promotional tool.
  • How to select a great venue for an event.
  • Building millennial appeal into corporate social responsibility (CSR).
  • How to increase the engagement factor through trade show booth design.
  • Pre- and Post-Event marketing strategies to engage prospects and attendees.
  • How to obtain contact information and testimonials from event participants and prospects.
  • Running successful online events.

As a former systems analyst, wrote proprietary technical materials for a Defense Contractor in the IT Enterprise Solutions and Technology Leadership space:

  • Proposal content for business development and marketing.
  • Software training manuals for each of several custom user applications. Word processing, graphics, and spreadsheet apps.
  • Directory of synopses on software library applications available to staff personnel.



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– Miscellaneous Business Topics

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